Weekend Ribs!!!

Just a quick post about my antics at the weekend

im quite a big fan of cooking bbq on my Kamado Joe ceramic cooker and at the weekend found some ribs id had vacuum sealed and put in the freezer

After getting them out to defrost i applied an awsome dry rub i purchased from https://www.fireflybbq.eu and let it sit while i set up the grill

i was going to cook these ribs over an indirect heat, low 'n' slow at around 225f using the 3-2-1 method for ribs (3 hours on the grill, then wrap in foil with a little apple juice for 2 hours, then unwrap and back on the grill for a final one hour)

And here's a picture of them just on the grill and ready to go!

its not in this picture but i also used my maverick remote thermometer that allowed me to monitor the temperature whist doing other things and not having to hover around the bbq all day keeping an eye on it
the lid went down, i set a timer and that was it for 3 hours!

when the timer went of it was time to check on the ribs

3 hours into the cook

3 hours into the cook and everything is looking good!
i removed the ribs from the grill and put them in an aluminium tray, added some apple juice, covered tightly with foil and returned the ribs to the grill for another 2 hours after resetting the timer

the timer sounded again and we a now 5 hours into the cook and its time to open the bbq again

i removed the ribs from the foil and placed them back on the grill and applied sauce to both sides (not everyone applies the sauce now, many wait until the last 10 minutes or so of cooking but my kids prefer it this way)

All sauced!

the lid was shut and the time was set, were on the last leg now!

the timer sounded for the final time and that was it all done!

All done and ready to eat

I removed them from the grill and divided them up for the family

we were looking forward to them so much after i forgot to get any more pictures!
but i can assure you they were tasty and moist and the meat came away from the bone with ease

just writing this post is making me hungry again so ill look forward to my next cook followed by my next post

see ya next time!

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